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A little about us…
Marie, she adores her sweetheart, to be woken up by little birdies, to devour fresh bread slices with butter in the morning, to ride her bicycle. She hates potted pork and hiking.

Georges-Mickael (not the singer …, but Marie’s sweetheart) adores to put a lot of fragrance in the morning and at lunch too and in the evening also, he adores it all the time! Not to mention, of course, the fresh bread slices with butter that his little sweetie prepares for him in the morning …
He hates anything that is NOT fattening … !

From us to you
Marie used to work in the pharmaceutical industry but was dreaming of something else…surely to live her dreams instead of dreaming her life …
Chance and circumstances acting well together…a 1930 riverboat(well, yeah…) located in Van Gogh d’Asnières/Seine port was waiting for new occupants.
Only a few months of renovation were needed to give it its young face back and this is how following the banks of the river that «le boudoir de serendipity» was born.

Why «serendipity» ?
The main reason is because it’s hard to pronounce!
Oh Yes, it is also because in Shakespearian language it means: « to have the magical gift to always make fortunate discoveries »…
Today our « boudoir de serendipity » is a real invitation to travelling, a way to live an out of the ordinary experience, to discover a haven of peace and to save in a little corner of the heart, exquisite and eternal memories.
Right after you pass the pontoon: the charm starts to take effect, almost making you forget that you’re only a few steps away from Paris!
Goodbye traffic jam and pollution.
Hello swans, water hens, ducks, seagulls and ballet of people rowing on the river.
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